Welcome to The Happy Hive!

We are a beekeeping family living on a suburban homestead in Vermont.  We have been raising bees since 2011, and have created a line of products that we are proud to share with you.  We have grown to love our bees, as well as the healing power of the honey and beeswax that they produce.  We also use our apiary to pollinate the many fruit trees, berry bushes, and vegetables that grow on our homestead.


Why “The Happy Hive”?

There’s a beautiful simplicity in the way that bees work together to support their colony.  They help their hive by bringing nectar and pollen.  The act of pollination then provides benefits to the world around them.  This is also the way we strive to live on our homestead.  We pay attention to the health and happiness of our own hive while also making a positive impact on the world around us.


Who lives in our Hive?

The Happy Hive Queen Bee

Carrie Williams Howe, Queen Bee

Carrie has been working in the higher education and nonprofit fields for over 20 years; she has a PhD in Education with a focus in adult learning and loves using those skills to communicate through blogging.  She is also the founder and editor of Homestead How-To, a website dedicated to bringing homesteaders together to learn how to live a more rustic and self-reliant life.  Her roles in the hive include: chief crafter, head organizer and planner, web master, photographer, writer, sous chef, garden hand, and business manager.

The Happy Hive Beekeeper

Eric Howe, Bee Keeper

Eric is an environmental scientist and has spent over 20 years working to improve water quality of lakes and ponds in the Adirondacks and Vermont, including Lake Champlain, where he spent countless hours as a child with his extended Vermont family.

Eric’s roles in the hive include: general contractor, heavy equipment operator, head of manual labor, cook, menu planner, recipe tester, editor, engineer, log splitter, and horticulturalist.

Worker Bees

The Happy Hive's Worker Bees

Three worker bees round out our team – two of the two-legged kind, and one four-legged.  Sometimes they help shovel and weed; sometimes they just run around the property; and quite often they enjoy the fruits of our labor. Just as it should be.

The Happy Hive Worker Bees