The Best Book about Honey Bees for Kids

The Best Book about Honey Bees for Kids

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Looking for a good book about honey bees for kids? One that teaches them the correct information about how bees, hives, and honey collection works?

(Because FYI, The Bee Movie is cute, but it gets things wrong).

Look no further than The Beeman by Laurie Krebs and Valeria Cis. Part of the Barefoot Books collection, this book is not only engaging for kids, but also accurate when it comes to beekeeping knowledge.

The Beeman book cover
The Beeman tells the story of the narrator’s Grandpa, known as the Beeman to his family and neighbors, who keeps hives in his backyard.

Why do we like The Beeman?

As a picture book, The Beeman Pleases Kids and Parents

A book for kids needs to be enjoyable to read and to listen to. The Beeman fits both of those criteria. It has both rhythm and rhyme that flow smoothly through the story, making it a pleasure to read out loud. The story is told from a child’s point of view with just the right amount of childlike reverence for his Grandpa.

Any kid will recognize what it’s like to look up to your grandparent and want to join him in his beekeeping venture. The images are engaging and colorful, alternating between landscape views of the apiary and big, up close visuals of bees.

The Beeman shows Diversity in its Characters

Like many books in the Barefoot Books Collection, The Beeman makes an effort to show diversity in its characters. The Beekeeper and his grandchild are a nice representation of an inter-generational family. One where the grandchild spends time at his grandparents’ home on a regular basis. The race of the family is unclear, but not clearly white, which helps kids from all walks of life see that beekeeping is not just an activity for white farmers.

This is a quality we love about Barefoot Books. One of the next ones we are hoping to check out is “The Bread Pet” – because how many books about sourdough are out there in the world!?

The Beeman Includes Accurate Information about Beekeeping

As beekeepers, we love the life lessons that our kids learn from beekeeping. This book continues that learning by teaching them accurate and interesting facts about bees. For example, despite the image of the macho pollen jockeys in The Bee Movie (don’t even get me started) it is actually the female bees of the hive (the worker bees) who leave to collect nectar and pollen to create honey.

The Beeman does not shy away from beekeeping vocabulary, but teaches it in a way that kids can understand. Kids learn about drones, smokers, hive tools, frames, and the extractor. The images help to convey what these words mean through engaging, action-oriented scenes.

At the end of the story, an illustrated glossary helps kids dive deeper into beekeeping terminology and science. From explanations of what worker bees do, to illustrations depicting the lifecycle of a bee (from egg to larva to pupa), these illustrations are very accessible to kids of all ages. Our daughter was repeating the terms and asking good questions about the content by age 4 or 5.

Scientifically accurate books are also a hallmark of Barefoot Books. Another of our favorite in the homesteading category is Millie’s Chickens, a great book for learning about backyard chicken-keeping.

Last but not least, The Beeman includes a fun recipe for Apple & Honey Muffins that you can make with your kids using local raw honey!

In short, The Beeman is an enjoyable book for kids and parents alike. It is a great choice for beekeeping families, but also any family that wants their child to learn accurate information about our friends, the honeybees. We highly recommend this picture book as a gift for kids age 3 to 10.

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