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Beeswax Furniture Polish - 8oz

Beeswax Furniture Polish - 8oz

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Rescue your wooden furniture, or put a beautiful finish coat on your woodworking projects!

Our Beeswax Furniture Polish is free from harsh chemicals, petroleum products, or overwhelming scents. This natural polish works wonders on wood. A perfect natural cleaning solution for your home with a subtle beeswax aroma.

- Polish finished wood furniture on a regular basis;
- Use as a finish on unfinished wood furniture or other woodworking projects;
- Conditioning cutting boards, butcher block counters, or wooden spoons (food-safe).

The natural beeswax in this product will give your unfinished wood a subtle golden tone and will brighten up finished wood, offering beauty and protection.

- Beeswax (from our hives when possible, or sourced from other beekeepers)
- Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
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